About Us

Pettigrew was founded by Frank Pettigrew in 1954 and later became one of the first tenants of the Dallas World Trade Center. It eventually became a fixture in the historic Dallas Design District. Then in 2010, David and Donna Wildman, of Wildman Art Framing, acquired it from longtime owner John Orr. In 2023 it moved to its current location on Irving Boulevard so its famous on-site lighting workshop could have more room.

The glassed-in lighting studio, like an open kitchen in a gourmet restaurant, lets clients see the creative process in action. There, the lighting team builds custom chandeliers and fixtures to a client's specifications, or they restore or rejuvenate fixtures to give them a new life or a new look.

Prior to his 30 year lighting career, Pettigrew's lighting director, Jim Palmer, spent a decade as a floral designer and refers to his lighting creations a "non-perishable flower arrangements." “My love is to assemble and string the crystals for a chandelier,” he says. "As with arranging flowers, I choose which crystals are most prominent and start building backwards.” Because Jim listens carefully to his client's wishes, when he delivers, he exceeds their expectations and has never disappointed a single one.

Dena Didas, COO/CFO since 2011, John Lowery, Pettigrew's Showroom Manager and their team are a well-oiled machine who love what they do. And that pays off—the majority of Pettigrew's business is repeat business.

While Pettigrew has become well-known for its custom lighting, it is also a full-service showroom where clients can purchase any and all inventory directly from the showroom floor including furniture, lighting, accessories and original art. Pettigrew promises, as their client, the only limitation is your imagination. Anything is possible at Pettigrew.

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